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About Dr. Earl Anderson

    Dr. Anderson, a Washington native and graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, has a goal of assisting patients achieve body balance and maintain that balance for months and years in as little as 3 visits. He unique method is called Core Alignment.

    Chiropractic being his second career, he comes from a background of electrical engineering work - from major airline avionics to nuclear electronics. His understanding of the physics of electricity is extensive. Changing career paths from electronics to chiropractic was a challenge he relished and excelled at–graduating with honors. He likened it to going from the electrical systems of physics to the electrical systems of the human body.

    Understanding that every chiropractic technique has its success stories, while in college he filled his schedule with as many technique classes as possible, averaging 35-52 credit hours per trimester. In the years since graduation he still seeks out new ideas and explores their possibilities in promoting optimal health for his patients.

    Dr. Anderson is a master with the NUCCA technique (upper cervical specialty) . He began studying this technique even before going to college as a result of his own personal experience with it. During his time at Palmer he devoted a great deal of time to mastering and promoting NUCCA and even served as President of the Palmer College Student NUCCA organization.

    His expertise of the upper cervical adjustment as part of his Core Alignment procedure allows the majority of his patients to stop suffering from pain and enjoy achieving structural balance in 3 visits, or less, and hold their alignment for months and years.

    And that's just the beginning! Anderson Health & Healing, LLC is about more than just structural alignment - - we're committed to helping you achieve the level of health and vitality you're looking for.

• We never stop researching and learning in order to provide you with the highest level
   of care.

• We don't believe in the propaganda that life has to diminish as we pass each birthday.

• We don't believe we have to settle for aches, pains or restrictions.

    If you're looking to improve your health, vitality and well being, Anderson Health & Healing, LLC is a great resource to have! We welcome all health warriors.

Mary Ellen Anderson
    Inspired by Dr. Anderson, Mary Ellen graduated with honors from Palmer College as a Chiropractic Technologist. Following their return to Western Washington she went back to school to earn her massage license. When you call the office, it is usually Mary Ellen's cheery voice that will greet you.